Ukitas is a delightful and fun acoustic music duo formed by Nikola Benedikovicova and Terezia Gregusova.

This duo never fails to win the hearts of their audience not only thanks to their superb cover versions of international hits, but also because of their elegance and enigmatic stage presence.

The Ukitas repertoire consists mainly of English and Spanish evergreen songs performed live on their choice of astonishing musical instruments. The girls accompany each other by playing the ukulele in combination with the piano to create a charming and fun atmosphere for their guests.

Ukitas has performed for many well-known hotel companies such as Carlton Hotels, Four Seasons Hotels, Bellevue Hotels and Iberostar to name but a few, playing residency engagements in Egypt, Sri Lanka, Austria & Mallorca.

Nikola and Terezia do not hide their elegance and desire for fashion and as such are a perfect choice for fashion shows & events and venues where sophistication is key. Ukitas speak fluent English and are well known not only in their native Slovakia but also abroad.

Ukitas is also available as a trio with the addition of their female drummer and high quality backing tracks for corporate parties and festival stages.

Funkgurus are delighted to offer Ukitas to clients looking to engage delightful, unique and charming performers for their events and residencies.

Recent Engagements

This artist has recently appeared for the following clients:

  • EU Embassies
  • Bibliotheca Alexandria
  • Velvet Revolution
  • Four Seasons Hotels
  • Vienna Fashion Week
  • Iberostar
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